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Skydiving Materials What You have to know

When you show up at a skydiving certification course you should be able to 스포츠중계 employ the service of every one of the skydiving provides you require for that period. Nevertheless In case you are serious about the sport you are going to really need to equip yourself for motion. Your basic tools desires to start with can be a soar match, goggles, and helmet. You might also wish to purchase your personal altimeter and gloves.

Some of the products you are going to encounter when purchasing skydiving supplies explained:


Altimeter That is a unit utilized by skydivers to evaluate the altitude above a landing area.This allows the diver acknowledged when its time and energy to launch the canopy.

Audible Altimeter This Seems an alarm once the diver reaches a pre-set altitude

Cover This is actually the big element of the parachute.It really is the material which is connected by lines to the harness that provides wind resistance and helps make deceleration attainable.